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multigroom series 5000 vs 7000


  • Philips all in one trimmer 5000 Comes With Eighteen Items Of Attachments For All Of Your Trimming Wants.

  • The Blades Are Created With Twin Cut Technology And That They Are 2X Additional Self-Sharpening. This Sharpness Can Keep When Four Years Of Use

  • Offer You The Utmost Exactitude Trimming.

  • This Multigrooming Kit Is Power-Driven By Lithium-Ion Battery Which Can Deliver Three Hours Of Conductor Operational Time. We Will Additionally Use It Rough.

  • To Supply Most Force And Power, The Trimming Machine Includes A Full-Metal Motor And A Drive Train That Has Been Bolstered With Tempered Steel.

  • The Distinctive Cutting Guards Are Bolstered With Ultra-Strong Fibreglass Materials. This Technology Can Stop Your Skin From Bending And Bucking And Guaranteeing An Excellent Trim Whenever.


The full-size trimmer can deliver very close trim for beard along with neck & sideburns without any guard attachment. To do this, it is necessary to put the flat portion of the cutting side against the skin. It creates stroking movement against the hair growth direction and therefore, provides a delay before the growth of hair on the face, neck & shoulder.

In case of proper contouring, you need to hold the cutting side straight to make contact with the skin. A light pressurized movement in either downward or upward direction will cut off the excess hair. There is a total of 5 guard attachments available to achieve suitable contouring. The desirable hair length settings are marked on the guards to make an appropriate attachment to the trimmer.

The package includes two green body-guards allowing you to get rid of unwanted body hair. Not to mention, both attachments are available with size settings of 3mm and 5mm. For 1st timers, it is recommended to use 5mm guards on dry and clean skin. Avoid applying over wet skin as it can stick to your body and cause discomfort or slight cut injury in case of trimming of the sensitive area. If the hair gets stuck inside the guards, clean it out to have the best trimming result.

You have to attach the body-guards to the full-sized trimmer to cut off the ones below the neckline hairs. Body hairs don’t grow the same in every direction and therefore, you should try upward/downward/across trimming position. Also, try to make certain and soft movements with the trimmer maintaining the skin contact. Obviously, it will give an even result with a better appearance for the trimmed portion.


There are 2 attachments of fading hair guard to deliver a faded lining close to the hairline ends. All you have to do is to attach the guards to the extra-wide trimmer. For perfect output, try to maintain the guard side having shortest teeth near the ears. It is better to go for back and forth directional trimming as it reduces the hair growth to some extent.


Comparing is necessary to avoid confusion and post buying hassles. So before making any investment for grooming devices, do match all features and performance aspects.


This 5000 multiroom by Philips comes with ample of features and adjustable attachments to impress you. It is even a useful trimmer to shape and groom beard, mustaches, nack of the neck, sideburns, etc.

It comes with the full-fledge kit with 18 pieces of attachments, a cleaning brush, a storage pouch, AC adaptor, etc. You can use it with and without wire with safe and comfortable handling. The versatility never fails with its long-lasting durability and high-efficiency performance.

Use of dual-cut technology reinforced trimming guard, comfortable rubber grip adds more convenience in everyday trimming schedule. The stainless steel blades and washable attachments maintain the cleanness and hygiene of the appliance for the next use. The useful accessories for the nose, ear, body, and beard allow the user to maintain body beauty.


Whatever is missed by Philips in 5000 is all covered in 7000; that is the significant, impressive aspect to buy this. The Philips Multi Groom 7000 comes with genuinely useful 23 attachment accessories to bring more grooming and trimming experience than ever.

This particular multi groom 7000 design installed with high efficiency and performance capability. It comes with massive duty battery, everlasting blades, a wide range of attachments. The use of lithium-ion battery gives 5 hours cordless grooming with no hassles when charged completely. The dual-blad system is really an effective solution for smoother and closest to trimming.

Its ergonomic structure makes it worth safe and convenient to use every day. The non-corrosion and water-resistant quality help in maintaining the ideal hygiene of the appliance for the next session use.

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